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Tesseract Learning is a leading learning solutions provider, relentlessly working to make eLearning the new norm in business organizations. We offer instructionally sound and engaging eLearning solutions to some of the best eLearning providers in the industry. We are a team of passionate eLearning professionals who strive to make learning experiences more engaging, and in turn, help business organizations achieve their training goals. Our team consists of eLearning specialists, instructional designers, technologists and visual artists who have years of experience in developing both simple and complex eLearning courses, customized to meet the training requirements of business organizations. Tesseract Learning serves a number of industrial sectors, few notable ones being IT, Finance & Banking, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Hospitality, Healthcare and Telecom. Our wide array of learning solutions include eLearning development, mLearning development, rapid eLearning development, performance support, gamification, eLearning localisation services and cost effective LMS solutions. We use a variety of instructional methods such as story-based, game-based and scenario-based learning to make the courses more engaging and effective. In addition, our learning courses are designed to be delivered across all devices and platforms. For more on our eLearning solutions, visit http://www.tesseractlearning.com/ and http://www.tesseractlearning.com/mobile_learning.html.


H103, Sterling Gardens
Hebbal Kempapura
Bangalore, Karnataka 560024

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Mon to Sat 8:00am - 5:00pm

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