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XXCDZ,One of the Mobile Charger Manufacturer in China.Specialized in producing and selling Mobile Charger,Mobile Cable,Mobile Headphones,Power Adapter.Established in 2007,XXCDZ has successive business contacts with many foriegn companies,with a lot of products sold abroad.Welcome to become our customers, no matter you are the retailer, wholesales, distributor or online sales.Welcome to visit out factory, office and showroom, your valuable comments is highly appreciated. Types of Chargers Wireless Chargers As their name suggests, these chargers will help you free yourself from all your nightly plug-ins. Although they are not entirely wireless as you may still need to plug them into a power source, they are a giant step to a wireless future of chargers. Fast Chargers These make use of controlled circuitry to charge phones swiftly. Most of them have a cooling fan to help keep the cell temperatures at safe levels since they tend to overheat. If left unplugged, they can damage phone batteries. Universal Chargers Basically, these chargers function are as their names suggest, universal. They are compatible with almost every type of phone which makes them an excellent option for people with various phones and living under the same roof. However, a majority of buyers guides insist on purchasing chargers dedicated to specific phone models. Generally, this is because universal chargers have had some concerns over the years on compatibility with some makes of mobile phones. Trickle Chargers Well, trickle chargers share their speedy characteristics of phone charging with fast chargers but without the overheating properties. You see, trickle chargers have a sensor that enables them to automatically shut off their DC cord when one's phone battery is fully charged. As such, they can prevent overheating. Wall Chargers A wall charger operates by harvesting current from a plug connected to a household’s circuitry system. It converts AC to DC directly from the main source of electricity and then feeds this power to a device. They are basically some of the oldest types of chargers we have in the society. Other types of chargers · Motion-powered chargers · Green chargers · Pulse chargers · Intelligent chargers · Solar chargers


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