Fiona Accessories


Fiona Accessories started in 2001. Specialize in hand painted jewelry. Our creations consist of painted bracelets, necklaces and earrings. We stared out with simple dots, lines, stripes to make unique designs on each 10mm glass beads. Over the years our skills have evolved and our designs have skyrocketed. Now our jewelry designs feature designs like tiny little Hearts, Stars, USA Flags, Easter Bunny, Halloween, Christmas, and more! We are a family business. Through less levels of company hierarchy, we are able to communicate faster, control quality better, and offer more competitive prices for you. In addition, less room for error. We hire stay home moms from small village in China. We offer flexible hours so stay home moms can drop off or pick up children from school, or take care elders if they need to. By doing so, these stay home moms can make extra income while taking care of family.


1939 S Campus Ave
Ontario, California 91761
United States

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(909) 923-9881

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