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The Eviction Group is a professional law corporation that serves the needs of landlords exclusively. As the premier eviction attorney serving Orange County and the larger southern California region, Nilufar Alemozaffar Motlagh (lead eviction attorney) provides free consultations and can help landlords more fully understand the eviction process and their legal options. Evictions in Orange Country - and, indeed, throughout California - must correctly follow a series of steps to be legally binding. If a mistake is made along the way, tenants can (and do) sue landlords up to $2,000 for every time that the landlord used improper methods to remove the tenant. Mistakes can be made in the serving process, initiating the unlawful detainer process or with filing legal documents with the courts. An eviction attorney can make sure that the proper documentation is provided for the unlawful detainer complaint, civil case cover sheet, and prejudgment right of possession form so that landlords can feel confident - and avoid unnecessary fines - as they go about evicting unwanted tenants living in Orange County. Landlords in Orange County are advised to try to resolve the situation with the unwanted tenant before starting the eviction process. Often a mutually satisfactory arrangement can be worked out. If the tenant can't or won't work with the landlord to find a solution, then legal mediation or contacting an experienced eviction attorney should be the next step for landlords looking to evict unwanted tenants in Orange County. An eviction attorney can help landlords understand the factors that should go into an eviction notice. These include making sure that the eviction notice includes the following information: the total amount of back rent due, the name and address of the tenant, relevant details of the financial institution (e.g., bank) that the landlord should pay; the date of the serving, a certificate of service, and the signature of the landlord. If the tenant can't be served directed with an eviction notice that a landlord has created with the assistance of an eviction attorney (the recommended route), then the landlord may use substituted service to serve the unwanted tenant indirectly. This process can be complicated, though, so the legal counsel of an experienced eviction attorney is recommended. An eviction attorney can be an invaluable service for landlords looking to understand the differences between different kinds of eviction notices and the amount of time that a landlord needs to wait before taking the next step. For instance, a landlord should provide a three-day eviction notice when a tenant has violated one of the provisions in a rental agreement. Alternatively, a landlord should furnish an unwanted tenant in Orange County with a 30-day eviction notice if the unwanted tenant has violated a monthly lease; a 60-day notice if the tenant has been at the property for more than 12 months; and, finally, a 90-day notice if the tenant is a recipient of government-subsidized housing accommodations. Eviction law is complex. Evictions are complex. To make it all easier, schedule a free consultation with Eviction Group


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