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DuBe® HEMP PRODUCTS The mission of DuBe® is to create and evolve an elite industry brand that produces premiere health conscious products. DuBe® Hemp infused product lines are for those that truly desire to live life elevated. This brand is for those who practice healthy living and desire to elevate their mind, body and spirit. Also, for those movers and shakers that lead active lifestyles in pursuit of their passions and dreams. DuBe® was created for you. In an effort to blend the DuBe® brand with human desires and needs, our all natural beverage, food and health products can play a role in elevating healthy living, mental productivity, daily happiness and general wellness. ________________________________________________________________ VISION The vision of DuBe® is to become an elite world-class lifestyle brand by producing premiere quality, all natural Hemp infused products. Through creativity and ingenuity our dedicated team will continue to create strategic marketing collaterals, campaigns and events for the entertainment, music, sports and action lifestyle markets. DuBe® strives to support these industry arenas where innovation, entrepreneurship, collaboration and creativity reign supreme. Furthermore, DuBe® will strive to advocate the benefits of hemp by creating quality products and educational collaterals for the masses. ________________________________________________________________ PRODUCT LINE DuBe® Hemp Energy Shot (Berry Flavor): The DuBe® Hemp Energy Shot is set apart by it’s formula; hemp and energy enhancing ingredients (the most beneficial drink to have before tasks like work, exam studies, creating art or simply to accomplish daily goals) and “Hemp Pro 70 (Non-Gmo)” (a vegan protein powder that’s extremely soluble). This hemp protein powder is organically certified in both the United States and Canada. DuBe® contains niacin, caffeine, taurine, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12, Omega 3 and 6 as well as proteins that the body needs but stops producing after you reach adulthood. DuBe® products are safe for everyone including athletes, non-athletes of all ages and even seniors. DuBe® Hemp LipBalm: DuBe® Hemp LipBalm provides hours of hydration with all natural ingredients - nothing more, nothing less. Hemp seed oil locks in moisture and protects your lips from the elements. Hemp oil is made of 80-percent essential fatty acids which allow your lips to absorb the oil and thus be moister, smoother and provide healthier looking lips. Hemp is also the only plant oil that contains vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important for skin cell development and skin repair. DuBe® Hemp Rolling Papers: DuBe® Hemp Rolling Papers are made with 100% real hemp. Unlike other papers on the market, DuBe® rolling papers are non bleached, eco-tree and chemical free. DuBe® Hemp Rolling Papers are made with the finest hemp pulp and are produced with an all natural hemp adhesive line providing for a smooth slow burn. DuBe® manufactures environmentally friendly products and is cognizant that one acre of hemp accounts for 4 to 5 acres of regular tree paper. This provides a natural smoke and is environmentally friendly. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DuBe® Hemp Nutrition Bar and Tea: Undergoing Research and Development -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________________________________________________________ DuBe® COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE DuBe®’s goal is to achieve an exclusive evolving lifestyle brand from grassroots dedication and establish a reputation in the hemp and active lifestyle industries for quality product lines, superior management and operations, as well as creative ingenuity. DuBe® plans to offer quality products at competitive prices designed to surpass its competitors and earn a respectable percentage of business based on superior product, organizational capabilities, creative marketing campaigns, sponsorship packages and demonstrated manufacturing capacity. DuBe® will also adopt and implement “best practices” in all areas of customer service to insure the best relationship with our internal and external customers. The DuBe® team promises to elevate the game by being zealously proactive rather than reactive.


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