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Since 1996, this supplier has been in the wireless /cellphone accessory/ consumer electronic closeout industry to bring you the best deals around. They have pre negotiated contracts with many wireless carriers, manufacturers, and large retailers to sell off their overstock, surplus and liquidation products below market value in order to move it quickly and quietly in the market without tarnishing the brands name. Oem experts works with retail stores, online sellers, flea market sellers, exporters and brokers to move their products, Oem Experts has customers worldwide. They currently have a dedicated team that focuses on the needs of Amazon and eBay sellers. For more information visit www.OemExperts.com

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1020 east 48 street
Brooklyn, New York 11203
United States

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Fax: (718) 724-2621

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  • We help sellers with professional pictures to list on ebay
  • Member of Better Business Bureau
  • Payment Accepted
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monday- friday 8:30 am - 7:30 pm

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