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Automated solutions that help businesses run smarter, leaner and in control. Around the globe, our Lean, data-driven, automated retail, food service and industrial vending solutions are changing the way companies manage supplies, parts, handheld equipment and products. The result? Streamlined productivity, with lower costs and less waste. It’s simple. With real-time visibility and 24/7 control, you improve your supply chain performance. That’s where Apex TrajectoryTM Cloud comes in. It’s a powerful, enterprise-grade platform that gives you real-time visibility of the who, what, when, where – and why – of your inventory, equipment, tools, products, parcels and orders. You get the insights you need to lower costs, improve efficiencies and deliver superior service, every day. Developing so many customer centric solutions for so many types of customers and marketplaces gives Apex a unique problem-solving and implementation perspective that our competitors simply can’t deliver. With Apex Connect n’ Go your vending deployment couldn’t be easier. We employ the best minds in the business. The strategic thinkers. The world-class teams, technologists and innovators with unrivaled experience – who deliver value beyond our customers’ and partners’ most demanding expectations. Because this isn’t just an industrial vending company. It isn’t just a software platform or a hardware or technology business. It’s our opportunity to drive productivity and profitability for companies around the globe. That level of know-how and our “can-do” outlook mean we do things a little differently around here. We’ve assembled all of the design, engineering, logistics, support, production resources and infrastructure to provide the most widely adopted technology solutions available on any scale – from one device to hundreds of thousands – anywhere on the planet. When our customers reduce waste, streamline processes, productivity and lower costs, we know we’re doing it right.

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