Docpods is an Australia-based company that manufactures and supplies antibacterial orthotic insoles and has over 15 years of solid experience in relieving various types of foot pain. Together with our team of skilled developers, we produce shoe inserts that capture the natural form of our feet, giving each pair the edge in providing long-term corrective solutions that fit a variety of needs. 400,000 customers later, we’re proud to carry on our mission to make the world a healthier place—one pair of happy feet at a time. Flat Foot, Flat Feet, Collapsed Arches, Fallen Arches and How They Affect Foot Health Most people with flat feet have a condition that is referred to as a flexible flat foot. This is caused by excessive or over pronation (rolling in) due to a mechanical misalignment of the foot. This is a very destructive position for the foot to function in and can cause a wide variety of foot, leg and lower back conditions. Appearance of Flat Feet The appearance of flat feet may vary from foot to foot. Generally there is a collapse of the medial (inside/middle) long arch of the foot. This may occur mildly where the arch height drops slightly or can be a large movement that results in the entire length of the arch resting on the ground. The twisting and misalignment of the foot that occurs with arch collapse cause excessive wear and tear on the foot and eventually pain. Location of pain in the achilles tendon Diagram of a flat foot from the side Ultra Soft Orthotics Ultra Soft Orthotics More Information Price (inc. GST) $49.95 Qty Size (size guide) - See more at:



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