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Ipsos Retail Performance is one of the leading global retail consultants in providing people counting and footfall solutions. Having pioneered the principal technology for footfall counting since 1989, Ipsos Retail Performance has continued to be at the forefront of retail consultancy. We now monitor more than 3.1 billion visits a year, in 8,000 stores in 47 countries around the world and provide customer experience consultancy and retail insights to an ever growing retail client list. A brief history It all started in 1989 when as SPSL, we discovered the need for people counters in retail. Then store managers did not have access to any footfall data, relying on guesswork and hunches they couldn’t tell suppliers how a new product redesign was selling or what their conversion rates were. The solution was born out of missile guidance technology and we developed the first ever infrared customer counting system. By emitting an infrared beam at points of entry, retailers could measure footfall by counting how many people were coming in through the door every time the beam was broken. We refined and developed this technology, adding increasingly advanced filters, algorithms and refinements to edit out prams, children and even balloons – before developing our state-of-the-art thermal and video camera people counting solutions. Our team of retail experts review this data to provide in-depth analytics to help retailers identify consumer trends, patterns and retail insights to improve the whole customer experience. In December 2007, SPSL became part of Synovate Retail Performance – the market research arm of Aegis Group plc. In 2011 Synovate Retail Performance was acquired by Ipsos and is now part of the world’s third largest market research providers and offers an unparalleled portfolio of solutions for retailers. In the UK alone, Ipsos Retail Performance now provides retail technology consulting for more than 6,500 retail stores from Thirsk to Penzance, covering all the main shopping centres. “We offer all types of counting technologies: infrared, thermal and stereo camera as well as facial profiling,” says Tim Denison, Director of Intelligence at Ipsos Retail Performance.” “Each system has its strengths and weaknesses. It is not a case of one type of technology fits all – we are committed to getting the right system in place for our clients whatever the size of their estates or stores. The combination of common goals and our longstanding track record as customer experience consultants through technological innovation, keeps us very busy.”


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