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The Industries that require Written translation

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Translation is very important for people because they always prefer their native language to speak as well as to read. As translation enables effective communication between people around the world. It also acts as a courier for the transmission of knowledge and cultural heritage globally.

The world of translation is vast and varied one with eight different types, techniques and diverse theories that may include:

  1. Technical translation
  2. Scientific translation
  3. Financial translation
  4. Legal translation
  5. Judicial translation
  6. Juridical translation
  7. Certified translation
  8. Literary translation

Translations can be done from recorded audio files, video files or even written documents. However, before translating the source such as audio or video file, it is first transcribed into a text format. This text document is then translated into a target language for clear understanding.

Sometimes, documents that available in a written format is then translated into a target language is called written translation. Producing a written document translation services which usually conveys the accurate message of the original document.

15 Apr 2020

15 Apr 2020

By Floyd Diaz