Write Better Job Postings, Get More Promising Candidates

Businesses are always in need of new employees. They will need to expand their workforce as they begin to grow. However, poor job postings can end up attracting the wrong kind of people. Your business cannot afford not to have the very best when it comes to employees. This is why you must optimize your job postings in order to find the best type of workers out there. Unfortunately, most companies do not know how to fulfill this need. We have some tips that will help you improve your job postings and attract the employees that you want for your company.

Post Strategically

One of the most important things about job postings is the location. Knowing where to post your listing online and in-person is crucial to attracting the right people. This means that you will want to understand your surroundings and know what online forums you will want to post. For example, posting to Craigslist will get you mixed results. Craigslist is such a wide audience that you will attract anyone and everyone who is on the site. The key to success is specificity. Know what you are looking for and you will attract that type of employee.

Source: Webinar – How to Make Sure Your Job Posting Does Its Job | JWT Inside

Getting Their Attention

Location is only a part of the battle. Getting a potential employee's attention is just as crucial. Making sure that your job posting is eye-catching and informative will ensure that people will actually want to seek employment at your business. The job description needs to get them excited about the position. Make sure to use bright and colorful graphic design and buzzwords to help improve their perception of your job.

Source: Ep. 3: Writing Your Job Ad | The Hire Talent


As mentioned before, you will want to be as specific as possible if you want to succeed. This means that you need to know what kind of person you are looking to hire. Ask yourself what needs your company has and what kind of employee you would like to attract. This will help you cut down on time spent trying to find the right employee.

Source: Why Specificity is Key to a Founder’s Success | Founders Network

People say that a perfect employee is a myth. However, you can get as close as possible to perfection whenever you follow these simple tips that we have provided. You need to be honest with yourself as a business owner whenever it comes to finding what your company’s needs. This guide will help point you in the right direction whenever you decide to post a job listing for your company.

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26 Aug 2019

By Katie McGarth