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A Record Year for American Exports, Further Proof of American Greatness

by Stefan M. Selig on

“The shadow of crisis has passed,” the President declared in his State of the Union two weeks ago, and the export data we released today goes to the heart of that very point.... Read full article

Alibaba Dealings With Chinese Regulator Draw SEC Interest

by Telis Demos - Photo: Bloomberg News on

Alibaba says it is cooperating with the SEC’s request.... Read full article

27 Free Tools to Help You Design a Better Website

by WebpageFX on

If you are thinking about designing a new website or redesigning your old one, you are probably aware of just how labor-intensive the process can be. From wireframing to picking design elements to testing your design across a variety of screen sizes.... Read full article

Localisation Not Translation: Getting the Right Recipe for International SEO & Content

by Owain Lloyd-Williams on

I joined the ranks at Builtvisible back in August last year; a time when a series of challenging projects for a variety of clients in the international sphere were moulding into shape. In the short space in between late last summer and now...... Read full article

What Yoda Can Teach You About Being An Effective Salesman

by Steven Spencer on

It’s time for the business world to embrace what geeks already know: gets it Yoda does. There is no problem that Yoda could not unravel with a few thoughtful words. ... Read full article

What to Look for When Hiring a Search Marketing Agency

by on

Hiring a reliable, reputable search marketing agency is about more than just finding “someone who knows SEO.”... Read full article

29 Free Resources for Creating Online Visual Content

by Kaylee White on

We all know that visual content is a big deal on the web today. It is clearly expressed on social media platforms, plastered on blogs and online articles, and dappled throughout websites. ... Read full article

Increase your eBay sales by optimising your eBay listing titles!

by Frooition on

Choosing the right keywords is crucial for your eBay listing strategy, often making the difference between being found and making the sale and not…... Read full article

Are You Letting Clients Slip Through Your Fingers?


How important is having a follow-up plan in your marketing efforts? Well, would you tell a knock-knock joke like this? Knock, knock. Who's there? ... Uh, who's there? ... Hello? Anyone there? Article Source: Read full article