Wholesale Fleece Blankets: Buy a Great Promotional Product by the Case

Logo embroidered fleece blankets are one of the best corporate gifts or promotional products to get without having to worry about getting the right size. To get the best price, when purchasing fleece blankets, look for a business that sells wholesale blankets and the best place to start searching is online.

Wholesale fleece blankets can be found from numerous suppliers online and in print catalogs; however, internet catalogs are much better because they are much easier to search, kept up to date and are always available at anytime of the day or night.

Begin by performing a search on any search engine for “wholesale fleece blankets”. Although the Google is the most popular search engine, try using Yahoo or Bing because the results will be different on each.

Quotation marks used around the particular search phrase eliminates unrelated things that are only about either wholesale or fleece blankets. Do not commit to the first site found, look around various vendors, compare costs (including shipping and/or handling fees), order requirements, availability, quality, and customer service. Never allow price be the sole factor when purchasing. A business with a low item cost but a large fee for shipping and handling may not save a lot, if any, money in the long run.

Also consider order requirements. Wholesale means various things to various businesses. Some will sell wholesale to anyone willing to buy a certain amount of product. The minimum amount usually depends on the size of the case as well as the total dollar amount. Depending on the item, the minimum dollar amounts can vary from several hundred to a few thousand dollars. Some companies only offer wholesale to individuals having a resale number. Without having a resale certificate, purchasing from those vendors will not be an option. Minimums are often associated with these businesses as well.

Another important aspect of ordering wholesale is the turn-around time. Be sure that the company has the blankets in stock as well as having them available on a regular basis. Low inventory is not desirable when an order needs to be placed quickly.

Quality is perhaps the most important factor next to cost. A low price for fleece blankets is not a good deal if the blanket is of poor quality. When purchasing fleece blankets seek out consistent fleecing, low quality blankets will have bare spots where the internal mesh can be seen. Look for a high loft since blankets will only get flatter with use, so never start out with a thin product. Request a sample blanket or a small piece of fabric to be certain that the color and quality are what is needed; they should be obtainable for an affordable price or even for free.

Excellent customer care is worth paying a little more. Imagine buying 7 cases of navy fleece blankets and 7 cases of purple arrive instead, or when the case is opened half of the fleece blankets are dirty. A company with good customer service will correct the situation quickly with very little frustration. A company with poor customer service may take a long time, charge extra to get the correct blankets on time, or even ignore the problem altogether, etc.

The company ultimately chosen to buy wholesale fleece blankets from should have good prices, reasonable handling fees, fit your needs for order requirements, provide a high quality product and should be easy to work with. When every one of these criteria is fulfilled, purchasing wholesale fleece blankets should be made with confidence.

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08 Apr 2013

By Mike Richstone