Top 7 Benefits of Using Argan Oil

Hair one of the most vital components of an individual’s attractive personality can sometime become a major problem. Today’s world requires individuals to look attractive during rush hours in order to get a boost in overall performance which can be tough sometimes due to numerous reasons with hair being most essential of them all. Proper attention towards hair is what lacks between people due to their busy schedule which ultimately results in dramatic hair loss.

Hair fall occurs mostly due to dryness which requires routine hair workout. For this very reason oiling a vintage hair workout that although has evolved over the years but still proves to most promising & effective solution for major hair problems can sure come in handy. Oiling for long & strong hair is still mostly used practice of all. Generally applying normal amount of oil to hair to avoid this warm oil is highly recommended. Some oils require excessive message for proper results & are used just for a specific period of time. Argan Oil treatment naturally adds great amount of strength & growth to your hairs. All these problems are commonly found within numerous individuals which can be eliminated with one simple solution “Regular Oiling with Argan Oil”. Some Hair problems may require check up from dermatologist whereas mostly hair issues can be recovered through proper oiling. Some common benefits of regular hair oiling with Moroccan Argan oil are listed below


1. Hair Growth

Most common found problem that can be recovered through proper nourishment of hair. Hair need daily dose of vitamins for proper growth. Apart from opening of pores & absorption of oil, argan oil massage is most beneficial in term of damage recovery that might be caused due to curling, ironing & applying chemical. Proper massage is recommended at least twice a week for recovery & growth of hair.


2. Prevents Bacterial Infections

Pores present on your scalp can be blocked due to numerous reasons which can cause vast amount of damage to your hair if infected by bacteria or fungi. Bacteria’s present on your scalp is although beneficial but in terms of replacement with other harmful bacteria’s they can damage the scalp easily. If your scalp seems to itch & is showing signs of red spots visiting a doctor is highly recommended whereas in other cases applying argan oil to hair can work as an anti bacterial treatment thus resulting in healthy scalp & hair.


3. Relaxes mind and body

Argan Oil massage on routine basis does not only improves health of your hair & scalp but it also provides great amount of relaxation to your brain alongside enhancing blood circulation within scalp area. Recommended practice is to apply argan oil each day before taking a shower & wrap your head afterwards for 20-30 minutes. This allows proper absorption of argan oil alongside soothing the nerves & capillaries in Brain. Routine based massage energizes your brain & enhances your eyesight as well.


4. Strengthens hair protein

Hair is just a protein strand just like a tree it has its roots present beneath the scalp. Hair can become weak due to numerous reasons which require proper attention for recovery. Protein recovers its strength through routine argan oiling whereas other problems such as frizz & brittleness can be eliminated through Vitamin C present within argan oil. Hairs are not likely to fall if routine oiling has strengthened it.


5. Shine and lustre

Shining Hair is what mostly men & women desire as it adds great amount of confidence within them. Healthiness of hair is vital in terms of shining as Hair ends up being shiny when they are healthy whereas normally hair can be damaged resulting in split ends or other common problems. Shiny hairs require completely health hair that can be recovered through regular argan oiling.


6. Prevent Dandruff

Dandruff is referred to as one of the biggest problems causing vast amount of hair breakage. Generally they are caused due to dryness of scalp that tends to stretch & breaks causing Dandruff to appear. Dandruff causes itching within scalp or hair root areas. Pollution alongside improper care of hair may result in Dandruff. Dryness present within scarp is one of the major sources of Dandruff which can easily be eliminated through excessive level of argan oil usage. Glands that provide necessary oil stop working properly which ends up causing dead cells that can be found within hair roots.


7. Prevents Greying and acts as a protective sheath

Common found problem within adults & even teenagers is graying of hair. Graying is caused due to improper diet which lacks certain amount of Vitamins. In some cases graying of hair is caused genetically. Melanin is skin pigment found within blood cells that proves vital in terms of color selection. Amount of Melanin is vital as vast amount tends the hair to become dark whereas lack of pigment may result in grayness. Regular argan oiling proves vital in terms of increase pigment alongside enhancing any vitamin deficiencies present within scalp. Argan oil can also help in terms of protection from heat which mostly causes dryness.

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10 Mar 2016