Stainless Steel Jewelry –The Timeless Jewelry Trend Which is Still in Vogue

Stainless steel and delicate jewelry go hand in hand. Not just this, apart from the usage of stainless steel as surgical instruments or knives, or maybe for building bridges, they can be used for jewelry as much as gold or silver. Stainless steel jewelry is appreciated by everybody because of its long-lasting ability. Yes, it does not look old or damaged even after ages of wearing it regularly. Also, since nowadays, people go for more aesthetically pleasing material as jewelry, wholesalestainless steel jewelry come in handy.

Two Types of Stainless Steel

There are two common types of stainless steel which are very popular in and around the world. These two types are nothing but the most popular ones and the most durable ones. They are –

Type 304

Type 304 is one the most common and the most durable type. This is the type which contains chromium and nickel. Though nickel is not suited for many skin types, the nickel used in stainless steel is not of much trouble.

Type 316L

Along with chromium and nickel, type 316L contains a little bit of Molybdenum as well. Molybdenum is used to keep the stainless steel at its best condition. This resists corrosion and helps in keeping the jewelry safe from any bad weather.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Jewelry

Due to wholesale stainless steel jewelry, gold and silver jewelry are getting a tough competition. Having said this, for the ones who buy jewelry often, perhaps regularly, stainless steel jewelry is perfect since that is cheaper than gold or silver jewelry and pleases or satiates the eyes as well. Before jumping to conclusions, you must also be aware of the advantages or benefits of buying stainless steel jewelry –

Perfect Material

The most important benefit of stainless steel, that is, the reason why stainless steel is considered to one of the best materials is that it does not stain at all. As its name suggests, stainless steel is far from getting stained or corroding. But, with gold and silver jewelry, they are not stained free and get stained faster than other substances. Thus, the main advantage and the reason why people watch out for stainless steel material is its stainless nature.

Durability of the Alloy

As mentioned earlier, stainless steel is actually an alloy of iron and chromium. However, it is not a very hard or strong alloy like gold or silver. Therefore, delicate jewelry can be made using stainless steel. But, it is durable in its own way. That is, stainless steel jewelry can be easily worn regularly. It has the capability and ability to resist any wear or tear. Its resistance power is higher than any other alloy and that is why it is believed to be extremely durable. People buy wholesale stainless steel jewelry for this reason as well.

Unique and One-of-its-kind

The versatility of stainless steel attracts folks worldwide. You can wear it with anything and anytime whatsoever. Stainless steel goes well with party looks and for simple usages as well. Also, you don’t need to send it for polishing after some time; therefore, it is quite in demand for regular usage. Needless to mention, stainless steel jewelry makes you look totally grand and refined in public and at home as well.

Retaining its Shape

Stainless steel jewelryretains its shape better than other jewelry. It is not quite bendable but if put into a shape, it would not lose it ever. You can trust stainless steel jewelry with the proper shape. Also, it does not get damaged or is not hard to handle while in a good shape.


If you are someone who is sensitive to base metal and your skin cannot endure it, be sure to buy stainless steel jewelry. Your skin needs something which would not react and would definitely not itch or create skin issues. Wholesale stainless steel jewelry does not react or cause allergy. Also, if you are someone who has just pierced any part of the body, especially the ears, stainless steel would be the best one for you to go for. With the help of stainless steel, you can keep your skin safe and free of unnecessary skin problems.

Thus, wholesale stainless steel jewelry is one of the best jewelry varieties. If you are willing to buy some, go for the types mentioned and remember the important benefits.

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07 Nov 2017

By P&K Jewelry