Small Accessories That Make a Must in Your Kitchen

“Women and kitchen” is the oldest combination that has always been stayed together in every human epoch. Times have passed when working in a kitchen was much harder and more time consuming than today’s era. With endless modern appliances today, it’s just wonderful to simplify your household tasks in various ways hence makes your life much relaxed.

Though an amazing blend of scientific research and new technologies significantly contributes in a kitchen; and modern appliances like a microwave oven, blender, toaster, or a complete food factory are the accessories that most women will name first to have as a must in their kitchen, there’s a list of simple accessories that are small yet important accessories every woman must have in her kitchen.

Colander & Sieves: A Stainless colander will help you drain your pasta and rice, or even to wash different vegetables. Besides colander, sieves must be a part of your kitchen. This small gadget helps in sifting flour, breaking down it into small particles, hence making the flour best for cakes and the like.

Stock Pot & Skillets: A stock pot is used to cook everything you like to have as a starter in your menu such as soup or stock. Apart from this, cast-iron skillets are a necessity in any kitchen. They are useful in cooking almost everything.  Try out some lasagna or roasted veggies with a skillet, and if you love grilled food, you are not really afar from delicious steaks with a skillet.

Splatter Screen: When cooking food in the kitchen, it is highly important to take care of personal safety measurements. A steeled-splatter screen is used to cover everything you are making so that you are saved from hot oil or hot water splattering on your face.

Knives: Without knives, a kitchen is simply incomplete. Consider buying a set of quality-bladed knives. It is an obligation to take good care of knives and sharpen them on a regular basis in order that they can help you for a long period.  You will also like to consider having offset serrated knives for your kitchen as a requirement. The specialty of these knives are the handle they have which will keep your hand away from surface while cutting anything; and their blade which comes in a tiny saw shape and can cut though foods with hard outer surface and soft on the inside like a cabbage. You can easily get some deals on and buy the knives you like without spending too much.

Tongs & Fish Flipper: A tong is a small item used to move hot foodstuff without giving it a hand touch. Though tongs can be used to move almost all food items, using it for a fish will break a fish apart so keep a fish flipper in your kitchen which is similar to a tong but is particularly designed to help you in a fish preparation.

Mini Chopper: This small food processor makes your chopping process much easier and without much effort. You can use it to chop anything that can get lost in a large-sized food processor.

Spice grinder: it is certainly going to make your food more delicious when you put grinded spices into it during its preparation, and nothing can be more helpful to grind different spices for you than a spice grinder.

Potato peeler:  it’s simply useful. No one would like to spend lots of time in just peeling potato or other vegetables with skin. A peeler saves your time with every food prepared with vegetables.

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21 Mar 2016

By Emma G.