Helpful Tips to Fasten Your Transcription Turnaround Time

Generally, the turnaround time for completely doing the whole transcription process is a real big challenge for lots of transcriptionists. For freelancers, it is much better to speed up their transcription in order to make more out of it. In fact, there are also available transcription services that offer same day transcription. It is because fast turnaround times can attract more employers and clients at the same time.


However, the question is, how fast the same day transcription services work? Usually, the most common misconception about the transcription turnaround times is that the typing speed contribute a lot and is one of the major factors in transcribing fast. Yes, at some point, it may be true that a fast typist can be able to transcribe in a shorter span of turnaround times.


However, the case does not always go similar for the same day transcription services, and even to same day certified transcription. Most online transcription including the same day transcription demand for more than just typing. It may also need some skills in listening, research, and comprehension.


Below are factors that might have a great impact on the speed of transcription turnaround time. This may also affect the transcription services offered by the same day transcription.


Utilization of transcription productivity tools

Increasing the transcription output especially for the same day transcription require the use of transcription productivity tools. Basically, this is considered as one of the simplest ways to enhance the same day transcription job. Moreover, there are various transcription productivity tools that are available and accessible like the MS Word's AutoCorrect or the ‘Macro’ features.


The ‘Instant Text’ or ‘Shorthand’ software of the Word expander can also be of great help in increasing the productivity output. At the same time, it reduces the turnaround time of the transcription process especially for same day transcription.


Train with dialects and accents

Due to the fact that there are lots of dialects and accents available over the globe, it is pretty difficult to realize if you heard the correct word that you are hearing. This applies true if you are not really familiar with it. It is better to have an ear training which always comes with practice, especially when doing a same day transcription. Practicing in this kind of field do not only improve your listening skills but also enhances the speed of transcription process.

Enhancing the office design

Basically, if your office is not ergonomic and you’re not comfortable with it, transcription productivity and efficiency would be your problem. Setup your workplace and make it to an ergonomically improved environment.

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18 Dec 2019

By Charles G Brock