Not Getting Customers? Following These 7 Tips Will Change That

A successful business requires a solid customer base. As long as the company has loyal customers, profit will flow in and the doors can be kept open. Business is cyclical, though, and companies may run their course. If you are seeking longevity, there are several strategies that can be utilized to reach that goal. Here are seven tips to consider using that will help attract more customers.

Deliver Amazing Customer Experience

The consumer of today is well-informed. They have so much information and data they can sift through, grabbing their attention is a little more challenging. Thanks to all the data and information, they are also more empowered. The search engines and review websites do their best to ensure that only the most authentic reviews make it to the top of the rankings. Since some individuals have managed to game the system, consumers are skeptical of the information they read. Consumers spend as much as 31 percent more on a business with “excellent” reviews. This is because they are searching for companies that talk the talk and walk the walk. If your brand messaging states that your company manufacturers the best widgets, customers want to ensure this is true. 

When you deliver an amazing customer experience and your products are stellar, a customer is more likely to talk to someone else about their experience. Word-of-mouth is still a powerful tool a company can leverage in their favor. It is organic, authentic and can be easily achieved by simply delivering on customer expectations, and then, taking it beyond the customer expectations.

Offer Discounts

Unless you are in the luxury market, price matters to consumers. While it is true that offering discounts are a hit to your bottom line, there are reasonable reasons why the sale at a discount offsets no sale at all. In European countries like France, there are only two big sales every year. Of course, customers flock to these stores to stock up on everything from clothes to music and electronics. In the United States, there are several holidays throughout the year when customers expect discount sales to occur. 

If your company cannot afford to participate in every holiday sale, you can take some strategic approaches. Offering a free complimentary item with the purchase of a good at full price is one option. Discount merchandise that is no longer in season is worthwhile because it frees up storage space in your warehouse. Plus, in many cases, it is better than not selling it at all. Sometimes discounts are the best route. It gets customers into your retail location, and it reminds them that you exist. You can take the opportunity to set out new merchandise that could catch their eyes, too.

Get on Social Media

Social media may have started out as a fad that was faced with a lot of skepticism, but the current young generation has kept these platforms alive and powerful. Remember, too, that the current young generation is quickly becoming the largest consumer group as well. The marketing departments of all companies are encouraged to create accounts on relevant social media platforms. When a potential customer looks up your company online, the social media accounts also show up in the results. 

This is important because even if you do not plan to be active on these platforms, they help disperse information. A website, Twitter account or Instagram profile in their most basic form as placeholders for information. Maybe you do not plan to be active on Facebook, but if a user is searching for your business on Facebook, creating that page is only to your advantage. The maintenance is low, and as long as you log in every so often, not a security risk. A Facebook profile, like other social media profiles, is your opportunity to display pictures and video snippets of your business and products. It also allows you to control the branding message alongside your company's vital information like location, hours and contact numbers.

Claim Business Listings

Claiming your business listing online is one of the simplest tasks you can complete. Additionally, they are often free. These listings do not require a lot of maintenance, and their formatting is user-friendly. If you prefer not to maintain an active website, online listings are great alternatives. The importance of taking advantage of these free services cannot be overstated because they do show up in the search engine results. They give your company credibility. Profiles that are completely filled out prove the business is legitimate. Plus, when you can add pictures and videos, it is the equivalent of free advertising.


It is important to understand the customer you are trying to attract. It is also important to understand the customer who is actually purchasing your products or services. There have been instances where the two profiles did not match or coincide. Analytics is a worthwhile tool business professionals are currently using to make decisions every day. Others prefer to use analytics as a guide. Whatever approach you decide to take, analytics is a great way to gain insight into customers as well as pricing, marketing and other business decisions before they are taken into action.

Position Your Company

If customers understand why your products or services are a solution instead of just another expense, you are positioning your company for success. This is especially true for companies who work in a business to business environment. Selling to other companies means that you are selling larger quantities with higher price tags. 

Not everyone needs to know what your widgets do or how they operate. But professionals in the industry you are involved in do. In a niche market, there may be at least one other competitor, so you can always jump on opportunities. If your competitor cannot meet a deadline or their inventory is low, you can step in and make the sale. Beyond that, though, customers should see you as their first choice. So, position your business in such a way that your products or services are a solution. 

Follow Up

Some argue that the world has become a more impersonal place thanks to all the new digital things like social media, the internet, and technology. If there is any truth to this sentiment, consider being a contrarian and becoming personable with your clients. This does not mean that you need to call them constantly or mail them marketing materials often. Following up after an interaction is enough as well as a good start. 

Acquiring customer relationship management software is a good way to maintain the human element even though you are using a program that is not. Customer relationship management software is designed to improve efficiency by significantly reducing the number of repetitive tasks, optimizing the sales pipeline through marketing campaigns and organization by linking departments to each other in this centralized system. Customer follow-ups and check-ins are increasingly effective since contact is made at appropriate intervals. Plus, your team is always prepared. This human touch is one way to get more customers.

If you’re not getting the customer traffic that you hoped for, the problem most likely isn’t you or your product — it’s probably your marketing strategy. Apply or revise one or more of the abovementioned tactics to see a significant improvement in your bottom line.

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15 Oct 2019

By Cynthia O'Conner