Makeup items you should have in your makeup kit

It's every girl’s dream to have a perfect makeup kit. When we enter the store, there are so many items available that selection of the best ones gets tough. There are many girls who are planning to upgrade their makeup kit to the organic items. However, a common mistake all the girls make is they buy all the wrong items. Here we have the list of some important makeup items you should have in your makeup kit to assure that you can create the perfect look.

Face primer

If you want your makeup to stay on your face for a long time, make sure that you get a primer. You have to apply the primer before you start doing your makeup and let it stay for a few minutes. It will even tone your skin and all the patches will be removed. The biggest benefit of having a primer is that you will not have to apply a lot of products once you have used the primer. Make sure that you get the best quality primer that matches your skin type.


One of the most important items that every girl should have in her makeup kit is the concealer.

  1. It is the only product that can help you hide all the dark circles and dark spots
  2. Concealer is a temporary solution but if you apply it properly, you can get the best and long-term effects
  3. Apply a small amount under your eyes and using the ring finger dab it lightly.
  4. Let it sit for 1 minute and it will absorb in your skin. After that, you can easily blend the edges into the skin
  5. Light pressure is the key otherwise you will remove all the product.

Foundation or BB cream

Foundation for ladies and BB cream for young girls is the perfect product that will make your skin appear smooth. Make sure that you buy the foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone. Do not get a lighter or darker shade because others will easily find out by the difference in the color of your face and skin. Take a small amount and you can apply it directly on the face or mix with your moisturizer. It will bring extra smoothness to your face. You can finish the look by applying a little face powder.

Natural blush

Do not forget to buy the natural blush. Selecting the right shade will make it appear like you are blushing and will make you look younger and cute. As a beginner, it is better that you start with a natural and a lighter shade. Avoid any shade that has shimmer in it. If you are applying the blush for the first time, smile and apply it to the apples of your cheek. If you can clearly see where the blush starts and ends, it means that shade is dark or you have applied too much.


Everyone loves having long and curly eyelashes. Mascara can help you get the perfectly long eyelashes without applying the fake ones. Make sure that you carefully apply the mascara and use only 2 to 3 coats because as it is exposed to air it will thicken. If you want you can curl your lashes first. Apply the mascara mostly on the tips of the lashes. Make sure that you maintain a zig-zag motion when you are moving your wand up towards the lashes, so the lashes will not stick together.


Your eyes will be incomplete without the eyeliner. There are different types of eyeliners available in the market like

  1. Pencil eyeliner
  2. Liquid eyeliner
  3. Marker eyeliner
  4. Cake eyeliner

Get the one you are most comfortable with. You can start by forming a simple line at the edge of your eyelids. In the beginning, it will be hard for you to stabilize your motion. However, once you have perfectly stabilized the motion you are free to try different types of eyeliner styles on your eyes and select the one that looks the best and make your eyes look bigger. Make sure the eyeliner you buy is ophthalmologist tested.

Nude lipstick

You can complete your look with a nude lipstick. It gives a perfect and natural look to the lips and face. There are different shades of lipsticks available in the market. Select a few that suits your face perfectly. It is better that you keep a variety of shades, so you can change the look with your outfit. You have to select the color that can make your bare face pop. Do not apply the lipstick on the chapped lips because it will ruin the entire look. You should get an organic lip balm and apply it before going to bed, so you can wake up with softer lips.

Bottom line

When it comes to makeup, you should keep in mind that there is nothing like one size fits all. Do not buy the products only because your sister or friends have them. Your skin tone and type are unique. It is better that you test the products on your skin before buying the ones that suit you perfectly. Make sure that you only buy the organic makeup items from the brands that are certified. Always prefer quality over quantity when it comes to makeup.

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14 Jul 2018

By Sherrie Carlton