[Infographic] Which Marketing Channel Gets You the Most Bang for Your Click?

With all these factors considered, which marketing channel gets brands the most bang for their click? Explore the research below.


Social, email marketing, paid ads, SEO — with so many marketing channel choices, where should marketers focus their attention and spend?


Understanding how to allocate marketing resources requires context and research. Fortunately, there’s some great data out there on marketing channel ROI. This infographic pulls together industry studies and surveys on how marketing channels compare. The infographic explores these questions:


  • Which marketing channel gets the most visitors?
  • Which brings in the greatest amount of qualified leads?
  • Which channel gets the most customers?
  • Which sparks the best engagement?
  • Are there different effects on B2B and B2C companies?
  • Which channel has the highest ROI (Return On Investment)?




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17 Apr 2014

By Billy Lam