How Your E-Commerce Business Can Serve International Customers


If you've conquered the local market and now want to go global, keep in mind that taking your e-commerce business international can be complex. The marketing strategy you used locally may not be enough to entice people who live a world away, and shipping worldwide introduces a new set of challenges at first. Thankfully, creating the ultimate online customer experience isn't about luck; it's about being present along the buyer's journey from start to finish.

Make Your Website International-Friendly

Once you decide to go global, your website needs to follow suit. Make sure your website appeals to the masses while catering to the international market you're targeting. This includes language options and currency conversion. You also need to research the area to assess the supply and demand and consider the price based on the local currency. The price points your set for the U.S. may not be suitable overseas. For this reason, you should research your competitors and set your rates accordingly. You also need to remember that consumers are more likely to purchase from an e-commerce site that sells at local prices when compared to international companies that hyperinflate the cost.

Handling Shipping

According to Ship 7, many U.S. vendors won’t ship to other countries, leaving people and businesses to search for expensive third-party options. Since there's a surefire strategy to shipping overseas, you need to find ways to make purchasing from you worthwhile. Every country has its own set of regulations, so you need to choose fulfillment partners who can get the job done right. Amazon, DHL and even print-on-demand companies offer international shipping. If you use a dropshipping model and import from Asia, you can use e-packets to lower your costs. However, you need to let customers know that delivery will take longer.

Focus on Privacy

When you own an e-commerce business, customer data and privacy need to be a top priority, especially when you go international. Customers need to feel safe when doing business with you. They want that extra level of security that lets them know their personal information can’t be accessed. According to Telos, cybersecurity should be of the utmost concern. Clearly state on your site how your customers' personal information is protected during transactions.

Whether your business is just starting out or it's an established online business, entering the international arena can be both profitable and challenging. By prioritizing what’s most important prior to launching, you’ll decrease the likelihood of setbacks while setting yourself up for success on an international level.

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13 Dec 2019

By Farzin A. Espahani