How US Manufacturing is thriving in 2018

The world is in a flux on a constant basis. The new developments in the social and technological fields are changing the way we used to work. It means that a boom in innovation will bring a change in different industries. However, the biggest concern is that where it will take the US Manufacturing industry. No doubt technology is important but it seems like it is affecting the manufacturing industry of the United States. According to the recent stats, the number of Americans working in the industries have fallen from a peak level of 30% in 1950 to roughly 8.5% in 2017.

No doubt it is an alarming situation for residents but still, the contribution of the US Manufacturing sector to the economy is far out of proportions with its shrinking share of employment. 12 million workers were employed by the manufacturing section in the US but at the same time, they generated 17.1 million indirect jobs.

The indirect jobs of US Manufacturing are the biggest multiplier of our economic factor. As compared to other sectors of the economy, the manufactured products help to generate $1.40 profit. Experts say that it might be because they are providing higher wages to all the blue-collar workers. Goods-producing industries are paying $56,799 per year according to a recent report by BLS. As compared to other sectors of economy US Manufacturing is paying the highest amount till now. The reason is that US Manufacturing is rapidly thriving in many fields of the industries. It has created many job opportunities for the unemployed individuals to assure that they will be able to generate enough income to support their household. No doubt that US Manufacturing economy has fallen in the last few years but here we have the top 4 US Manufacturing departments that will once again generate more revenue that will help you support our economy.

Medical marijuana

The rate at which authorities are legalizing the utilization of medical marijuana in different States of the US, soon it will turn out to be one of the most successful parts of US Manufacturing industry. You might be wondering that how it will enter manufacturing. No doubt in the beginning only CBD oil and other such natural products were consumed.


However, now the utilization of CBD and cannabis has increased to such a level that companies are working on the introduction of CBD capsules, tinctures and other edibles that will allow them to have better effects. Manufacturers are in search of appropriate location and machinery that will allow them to work on the products and services that they are offering. In this way, soon medical marijuana will easily prevail in the manufacturing industry.

Green energy

You will be surprised to know that how many people are interested in the production of green energy. That is why they are ready to install the green energy production plant in their homes also known as the solar energy plant.

  1. The individuals investing in green energy have been rapidly increasing
  2. Recently the industries have appointed 7 million more employees to work on the project.
  3. There are chances that soon 9 million more employees will be appointed for the management of project and services.

Green energy is helping people to save not only their environment but also money. It is the future of our industry.


The number of individuals investing in drones is rapidly increasing. Whether it is a filmmaker, photographer or enthusiast, everyone is interested in having their own drones. From the plate-sized drones, now we have the pocket size drones available in the market. It is a clear indication that the drone manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving in the US economy. If the rate of utilization of drones will keep on increasing at the same speed, soon it will have more importance in US Manufacturing industry as compared to other technologies that are been manufactured. It is providing individuals a chance to see the world from a different perspective, they are not ready to lose this opportunity.

Mobile technology

We all know that the smartphone is the basic necessity of human life and it has a long journey with us. Despite the availability of smartwatches, phones have not lost their importance. According to the stats of the US Manufacturing industry, it is clear that mobile technology industries are still going to thrive in 2018 and many years to come. The surprising news is that the same technology is now being used in other products as well to assure that our lives will become easier and efficient. With the rapid growth in some industries of US Manufacturing, it seems like, we will easily cover the downfall of other departments.

Bottom line

A common question most industrialists have is that whether the future of US Manufacturing is going to be huge or not. It becomes hard for them to decide considering what is happening in the industry. However, it seems like the rate at which industries are growing in small cities, soon small and medium-sized businesses will come to compete with the biggest names of the industries. It will allow all companies to improve the quality of their products and services, so they can stay ahead of their competitors. This competition will be beneficial for the customers because they will get access to the best quality products available in the industry. It will once again help in the growth of US Manufacturing industry.   

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07 Sep 2018

By Sherrie Carlton