How to Protect the Health of Customers at Your Business

Many states are beginning to gradually lift their restrictions on social distancing policies. Nevertheless, caution regarding the health and safety of your customers and employees is still of the utmost necessity. Scroll down and keep reading to find ways to protect your customers’ health and safety as you gradually reopen your business.


Gradual Reopening

As you gradually reopen your business, it will be necessary to navigate current uncertainties and mitigate immediate challenges. Be ready to take quick action if needed, and adapt to unforeseen circumstances. You can prepare for these circumstances by anticipating the unique challenges your business might face, and preparing yourself with ways to handle those challenges. The gradual reopening of your store is a unique opportunity to innovate. Instead of reverting to old patterns and procedures, try to introduce new methods that can create a better future for your employees and customers.


Change Your Store Policies

The entire world has had to make changes due to the global pandemic. Your store policies are no exception. You can protect the health of customers at your business by introducing helpful store policies. You should require and/or encourage customers to wear masks, wipe down surfaces, and maintain appropriate distances from each other in order to slow the spread of disease. There are also measures you can take to ensure that your employees aren’t getting other people sick. For example, you can introduce a store policy that employees who experience any symptoms of COVID-19 must stay home until they receive a negative COVID-19 lab result.


Creatively Use Technology

Using technology creatively can help you reduce the risk of germs and slow the spread of disease. These unique circumstances present a great opportunity to update your website with live chat and video call options. You could creatively use technology through self-check-out stands, video customer service desks, and video conference calls. Technology can help you stay safe, efficient, and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. The ways you introduce technology in your business can also help you make needed revisions and changes for times of normalcy in the future.  


It is clear that protecting the health of your customers and employees is essential. Gradually reopening your store, changing your store policies, and creatively using technology are three ways you can protect yourself, your employees, and your customers.

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05 Jun 2020

By John Gilmore