How to Ensure You Bag the Best Wholesale Deal for Sterling Silver Jewelry?


Mould it whichever way you like or set with stones. The end product is light, fashionable and versatile in usage. The light jewelry trend has immensely boosted the silver jewelry industry making sterling silver quite in demand. Not just in terms of jewelry but also for cutlery, coins and decorative pieces silver has become extremely fashionable for use and gifting purpose.

Why Go For Sterling Silver Jewelry?

The market, literally, has jewelry made of various other materials but the sales figures of the sterling silver items have skyrocketed like none other. Some of the important reasons could be the following:

  • The look and feel of sterling silver is effortless and goes with all kinds of clothes. It is practical and within budget for most people. The durability defies time if you take proper care.

  • The sterling silver earrings often contribute to the creation of a look and also complete it for most women. Whether you are wearing a wave climber or CZ studs or chandelier the accessories get noticed the most.

  • Sterling silver jewelry is less distracting when it comes to wearing it at workplace. Since most designs are slim and lightweight, people tend to opt for these as regular wear. Many people prefer buying sterling silver earrings wholesale to wear something different each day.

  • Jewelry as gifts goes very on any occasion which makes many people prefer to give sterling silver handcrafted jewelry to near and dear ones.

Current Trends in Sterling Silver Jewelry

Jewelry designs are varied. The design matching the taste and need of the wearer is usually. Each design is carefully created to reflect the personality of the person wearing it. So, whether you prefer an earring jacket, a cuff, or a climber is purely to suit your personality. Studs and danglers are evergreen designs and can suit any face cut and age. Necklaces and rings are a bit expensive, though amazing slim designs are available to suit all women.

Where to Buy Them?

Online shopping is no longer a new concept and is more preferred than the brick and mortar shops for the pure comfort and ease of payment. You can buy sterling silver earrings at wholesale prices from the online stores also. However, while buying jewelry online it is advisable to take an informed decision because you don’t have anyone else to blame. Here are the things you must keep an eye on.

  • Measuring Units: The measurement of sterling silver jewelry is either in millimeters or in inches. Keep a ruler handy to understand the length of the bracelet or thickness of the ring you are buying.

  • Check for the Marking: For authentic sterling silver, always look for the marking. It will carry a marking .925 if it is real. It shows that the jewelry piece contains 92.5% pure silver and allow metals of 7.5%. The hallmark is usually present on the inner side of the ring, necklace or bracelet clasp. In case the sterling silver earring does not have a flat surface, look beneath the butterfly for the marking.

  • Knowing the Retailer: While shopping online for wholesale earrings, it is important that you know the retailer. Simply put, just as you will not buy jewelry from an unknown store it is unwise to do the same online. Check the background of the retailer before shopping from the site. Reputable companies who give a solid promise of backing their wares are the good ones to go to.

Be Careful Not to Pick a Fake One

Online shopping is not just about going by guts, but using your brains before hitting the ‘buy’ button. Buying on the basis of images alone is not a good idea. This is why running a background check of the seller is so important especially when you buy sterling silver jewelry for reselling. Also, never think that sterling silver is available at complete throwaway prices that too with free shipping. Some things to keep a check on are listed below:

  • Be aware of the sterling silver prices: Remember that silver spot price is related to the cost of the sterling silver. Multiply the amount of pure silver with the present silver rate and then again with the troy ounce modifier. The result is the current price of sterling silver.

  • Look at the design and making: While buying sterling silver wholesale earrings it is not just the weight of silver you are paying for, but, the craftsmanship as well. These pieces contain intricate designs and expert craftsmanship which enhances the worth of the items much more than their weight.

  • Brand value: When you wear sterling silver earrings people simply ask, “Where did you get it from?” It is an inquiry of the brand that manufactured the exquisite item. So, however, tiny an item from Tiffany’s will not come very cheap. You enjoy a lot of attention for the brand as well. While picking a jewelry online check if the discounted price is doing justice to the brand as well!

Both online and offline stores buy sterling silver earrings wholesale so that a wide variety is available to the buyers but if the price seems doubtful it may not be a good idea to buy it.

Sterling silver jewelry is all glittery and glam but can tarnish really fast. With regular use the surface constantly comes in touch with oxygen as well as sulfur which make it look discolored. Some of the most effective cleansing ingredients include baking soda and toothpaste. So, pick some wholesale earrings online and add to your collection.


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10 Nov 2017

By P&K Jewelry