How to Be the Type of Boss Your Employees Will Love

You want to be a trusted and likeable employer. But what can you do to help your employees feel truly comfortable with you? Here are three specific ways you can improve your relationships with your employees and help them love their boss.

Praise Your Employees

If you want your employees to love you, you need to make an active effort to ensure they know that you appreciate them and their work. Your effort to reach out to employees to express your praise will mean a lot. As you think about how to best reach out to your employees with compliments, remember the importance of being specific. Saying “Great work” is ambiguous. While it may validate your employee, it won’t help them understand what they did well. Giving positive feedback about a specific presentation, project, or characteristic will help your employee recognize what they are doing right and will help them feel motivated to continue working hard.


Communicate Effectively

In order for your team to work effectively, it's important that you communicate with them clearly. Clear communication about work expectations and work assignments helps team-members feel confident in what they need to accomplish to be successful. With ambiguous communication, employees are more likely to fail at the tasks that you want them to accomplish. As a result, feelings of frustration for both you and your employee ensue. On the other hand, when you communicate clearly, you not only enable your employees to succeed at their assignments, but you also facilitate an environment of open communication. This type of environment will help everyone in the workplace feel a sense of security.




Give Employees the Benefit of the Doubt

Everyone has messed up on a project before, been late to a meeting, or made some sort of mistake at work. While it is essential to inspire your employees to maintain a standard of excellence in their work, it is also important to recognize that the majority of the time, employees are trying their best. Sometimes, people have hard days. If you are able to respond to minor mistakes by being understanding and encouraging, your employees will not only feel gratitude towards you, but they will feel an even greater appreciation for their workplace and an added desire to perform at an even higher level. In fact, many studies demonstrate that employees who feel trusted are more likely to perform better overall.


Building positive relationships with your employees can sometimes seem difficult. But by paying more attention to how you interact with your employees, it doesn’t have to be. Praising them, communicating effectively with them, and giving them the benefit of the doubt are just a few approaches that can help you build successful workplace relationships.

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12 Aug 2020

By Tina J.