How to Attract Younger Consumers to Your Brand

Market demographics are in a constant state of fluctuation. As time goes on, it becomes necessary to adjust current tactics in favor of attracting younger customers who will continue to supply your company with future business. So what do you do to attract younger customers to your brand?

Shift Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing approaches that work for older consumers may not work for younger consumers. This will require you to shift your approach. Start by making sure your message will resonate with those you're targeting. Younger consumers increasingly value convenience and making a difference. Show them how your brand makes their lives better while also being socially responsible. Once you have your message, shift your marketing to platforms younger consumers are using. Building a robust social media presence can be a good way to start.


Adopt Innovative Payment Methods

Adopting innovative payment methods can be a good way to tap into that desire for convenience and to see brands doing good. Technological advances allow for a variety of contactless payment options. This is especially pertinent in 2020 and likely will continue to be so for the next year or two, thanks to the global pandemic. Unsurprisingly, 82% of consumers believe contactless payment is a safer way to pay. Contactless payment methods rely on near field communication (NFC). Examples include Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, and an array of mobile bank apps that support NFC transactions.


Embrace Online Shopping

Online shopping offers a convenience that physical retail locations have a hard time matching. A simple site search narrows down the array of products instead of walking around to find what you want. More products are often available online than at physical locations. There is sometimes a trade off with waiting to receive ordered goods, but that isn't slowing down the number of people using online shopping. A great way to cater to the desire for convenience that is so strong in younger customers, if you haven't yet embraced online shopping, it's time to do so. Make sure your online store isn't suffering from problems that result in abandoned carts.


There are a lot of things you can do to attract younger customers to your brand. Shifting your marketing efforts, adopting innovative payment methods, and embracing online shopping are just three of the things you should be doing. Take the time to understand what younger shoppers really want and let that guide your efforts to attract more of them.

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05 Nov 2020

By Sherrie Carlton