Factors That Can Make a Workplace More Dangerous


Humans do dangerous things every day. Probably the most commonly agreed-upon risk we undertake might be getting into what amounts to a metal coffin and driving it down the road along with others, often at reckless speeds. Most people don’t think about work itself being dangerous too, but it certainly can be. Some factors can make a workplace quite risky.

Hazardous Chemicals

There are a variety of hazardous chemicals that are commonly used in various workplaces. From strong acids and bases to disinfectants and pesticides, there are many chemicals your employees might come across. Chemicals should be properly labeled, and proper handling instructions should be readily available. It’s also a good idea to have first aid instructions on hand in case of an accident.

Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery can also present a serious threat to worker safety. Workers can be pinned, hit, or crushed by heavy machinery, or even be in collision accidents involving them. The resulting injuries are often incredibly severe, and can easily end in the death of an employee. As such, maintaining the machinery and ensuring that those using them are properly trained on how to do so is of utmost importance. Other procedures can be put in place to help prevent injuries as well. LOTO procedures help prevent over 50,000 workplace injuries every year. These procedures are essential to preventing injuries from happening when maintenance is being done on your machinery.

Poorly Trained Employees

Even if your chemicals are correctly labeled and your machines are in top working condition, having poorly trained employees can make even the most stringent safety protocols seem utterly ineffective. Employees should be given regular safety training. Repetition is an important learning tool and should be used as such. It’s often not enough to hear something just once. Require your employees to complete their training before allowing them around workplace hazards. You may find it helpful to test them on what they retain from their training to see if they’re truly ready.

Working can be pretty dangerous, depending on the industry you’re in. If your business uses hazardous chemicals, heavy machinery, and relies on adherence to training and protocol to keep people safe, yours is more dangerous than others may realize. Make sure you have a plan in place to reduce risks and minimize the danger to your employees so you can continue to offer them a safe working environment.

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29 Jan 2021

By Sherrie Carlton