Businesses That Can Thrive in Any Community


Considering a start-up business, but don’t know where to start? There is value in offering niche products or services to stand out among the crowd. Such businesses will not thrive in every community, however. If you’re looking to start a company that can thrive anywhere, consider the following industries!

Grocery Stores

Everyone needs to eat! Grocery stores are essential to any community regardless of their size, and even if there are already other groceries around. People are always more likely to get food from a grocery that is closest to them than one further away, which gives you a head start on a pool of customers that you wouldn’t have in another industry. This can be a strong business also if you look into what other stores sell and provide unique food along with the basic groceries a person would come in for to draw in the community at large.


Another thing people in any community require is health, and pharmacies play a big role in that. If you’re looking for a steady business with recurring customers, look no further. Though people do not need pharmaceutical drugs as often as they need food, you provide a service every community needs and, if you can streamline your processes, offer drugs at lower prices than the competition. Pharmacy POS software can ensure compliance with state health regulations and implement solutions that cut down on costs and time. In general, a pharmacy’s customer service also determines a lot about its popularity, so you can become a staple in the community quickly just by ensuring you develop good relationships with your customers.

Insurance Companies

Insurance is a complicated thing no matter the kind, which is the reason nearly every community has insurance companies and brokers which are certified to enroll people. If you start an insurance business, you can work with customers at individual levels or in a group plan. Health insurance is the most popular for obvious reasons, but you can also become certified in insurance for auto, life, and home as well. Though there may be more competition in this industry, there are also a lot more fish in the sea—everyone needs health insurance, after all. Plus, the commission received can add up very quickly!


Starting a business is no walk in the park, so it’s good to know what you’re up against. If you’re worried about having enough customers, you don’t have to pick something niche. Choosing an industry that is more universal can really jump-start your business!


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12 Aug 2021

By Rob Janos