Branding With Plastic Bags – Significance, Uses, And Importance!

Branding With Plastic Bags – Significance, Uses, And Importance!

We all love shopping, and it is incomplete without using shopping bags. The shopping bag is an important as well as inseparable part of the retail segment. Wherever you go shopping the usage of shopping bag is common to carry whatever you buy. The plastic bags are multi-purpose, and they are not restricted to carrying new things to home. 

Most plastic bags that we bring back home are used again for various purposes. The bags are durable, and they come in different size and quantity. Shopping bags are available made of different material like plastics, paper, jute, and cloth. They are cost-effective, easy to dispose of and very easy to store. 

Importance of Plastic Bags with Logo

Now a day’s personalized plastic bags are manufactured by an establishment. The bags will be designed as per the requirement needed by customers. The company will provide dimension, design, and thickness required including the business logo. The brand name or logo is printed in attractive color and design. 

Such plastic bags with logo will build brand awareness, and this would spread the popularity of the particular brand. If a customer walks around with the shopping bag that fashionably bears your brand name, then it is likely to be noted by other people around you. Flashy colors or neon colors are good to grab the attention of others. 
Here are given importance of having your own printed plastic bags.

1. Advertising your company – Custom printed shopping bags will spread the name of your company. Along with the logo, on these bags contact details, phone number, address, and email-ID will be provided. Printed plastic bags are indeed different, and they are in fact one of the cheapest ways of marketing. 

2. Every customer needs these bags – If you are selling any tangible goods from the retail store, every customer who visits your shop will need a carry bag. Even bakers, butcher, and vegetable shop need a bag for customers to carry products they buy. Moreover, the restaurant also needs a bag for customers to carry leftover food. So, the custom shopping bag is important for every business. 

3. Brand recognition – Branding is vital maintaining the importance of your company name. The essence of your business lies in the logo of your company. To make public familiar about your business, the logo of your company has to be printed on shopping bags. Both the name and logo will spread from one person to another. 

4. Cost effective – Small business owners have to choose marketing techniques that fit within their budget. Newspaper, radio, TV, and social networking sites the commercial and can reach lots of people quickly, but they are expensive. Anyway, every retailer must have a shopping bag so that they can print the brand name on the plastic bag. This is a promotional tool and cost-effective way to popularize your brand.

5. Customers don’t use a reusable bag for every purchase – Many customers try to bring their bag to buy groceries. However, grocery shopping remains a well-planned affair. Reusable bags may fit for grocery but not applicable to buy other products like apparel, food items, cosmetics and so on. Shoppers can buy bulky items that may not fit in reusable bags. So every business must need shopping bags to accommodate every customer. 

Uses of Custom Shopping Bags 

Custom printed bags will be available in a variety of size, material, and style. Custom printed bags will be of high quality, and most of them remain reusable. Cotton fabric, non-woven fabric, and canvas are the common material used to make custom shopping bags. 

Many retail stores and supermarkets choose them to promote their business. The bags with logo will remain customer to visit your shop again. There are custom bags which are eco-friendly and using them can reduce pollution. Reusable bags are used in apparel shop and supermarket. 

They require more energy to produce than common plastic bags. You may use them for a variety of purposes like:

  • You may plant tomatoes in them
  • Store diaper in them
  • Put clothes in them
  • Use them as laundry bags
  • Use them as gift bags
  • Allow your kid to take them to camp.

Significance of Bags with Logo 

Going out for shopping remain a common thing for all people. Some shops provide bags that have smiley face printed on them. Stores use these logos to attract customers and to make them memorable. Using your logo on shopping bag is getting free advertising. If anyone carries out your bag, they will show off your logo which will stick in the mind of a passerby. 

Businesses that use branded bags remain established than other companies. A Company using branded bags shows people that they are reliable people and will be there in the market longer. People don’t like shopping store that they don’t trust. When using your bag and by showing off your logo, they are telling others your brand is trustworthy. 

Using brand packaging shows that you are dedicated to promoting your company. It shows that you are finding different ways to promote your store. It says the success of your business is important and thinking always to keep their customers happy. Finally, when you have printed your brand name on shopping bags, you are paving the way for potential customers. 

Someone who is happy shopping at your store will take shopping bags their home, instead of throwing them out. Customers by seeing your logo will remember the experience they had at your shop. The truth is brand remembrance is big when it comes to establishing repeated customers. 

As a global citizen, you can recycle plastic bags to minimize environmental hazards. Companies must use paper, cloth and jute bags for promotion because they are easy to recycle than a plastic one. When ordering shopping bags ensure the color of your bag matches with the color of your logo. The logo should remain in customer’s memory and make them a return visit to your store.

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28 Nov 2017

By Plastic Bag Source