6 Unobvious Marketing Mistakes That Quietly Reduce Your Income


The biggest waste when you attract customers is a missed opportunity. You can compare a sales funnel with a leaking tap that is hanging over this funnel and depriving your business of additional leads. 

Below are six mistakes that can reduce the number of your clients and income. 

1. Lack of emotional connection

During a purchase, there may come a moment when the customer asks the question: "Do I really need this thing?" And in the absence of an emotional connection between the buyer and the product or brand, the answer to this question may be negative.

For this reason, brand positioning must be consistent and relevant to the audience. Mixing styles on a website or in advertisements can confuse your customer. This is a popular mistake made by business owners when on Instagram, they offer entertaining content, while on the site they switch to business language. Investing in your own base of templates and creating instructions for the design of corporate pages can help you establish correct communication with the client.

2. Forgotten clients

You need to start by getting everyone who has ever been your client. They already know you and have an opinion about your brand. If even some of them will come back, they will probably be willing to spend more money than new ones. Accordingly, the time you spent working with old clients has a higher return on investment. This can help you attain a positive cash flow and increase income.

The problem is that many business owners focus on attracting new customers too much. This makes them miss a potentially more promising segment and an already established audience.

3. No gateway

An entry point or intermediate purchase that softens relationships with customers is one of the things that are often lacking in a growing business. You need to create a product ladder that guides each customer through the process called  “value exchange.” The gateway before making a deal can be a small purchase, presentation, thematic event, or gift. Anything that can gradually increase a person's loyalty to the brand, can increase your chances for a sale.

4. Lack of evidence

Any business must prove their promises with evidence. This includes product or service reviews, past customer reviews, awards, research, statistics, and portfolio. Wherever you promise a customer benefit from your product, provide some factual evidence that demonstrates this. This will help to increase the value of your brand and customer loyalty. 

5. Poor service quality

Do not forget about the first experience of new customers with your brand. In many cases, the buyer is greeted with an invoice for payment, terms of the agreement, and technical instructions. This looks more like a slap in the face rather than friendly hugs.

You need to create a plan of interaction with the client throughout the entire time. Take into account everything from the moment the order is placed until its execution. You can add into the order a card with your best wishes or accompany the package with user information or training files. Such "compliments" increase the quality of service and the value of your brand for the customer and force the customer to return. 

6. Lack of critical approval

No matter how well designed a brand's product ladder, you may find that a person often seeks third-party approval before making a purchase. This can be his boss, colleague, spouse, parent, friend, or just an unknown Internet user. 

Therefore, you need to be truly helpful by helping your potential customers experience the value of buying from you. At the same time, you need to be honest with customers and ready to admit that there is a cheaper or better alternative for their request.

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09 Dec 2020

By Amelia Grant