4 Steps to Improving Your Quality Control Practices

No matter your line of business, quality control is one of the most important aspects of it. A company is only as good as its final product. Therefore, it is incredibly important that this part of your business receives as much focus as possible. The following includes four steps to improving your quality control practices.

Improve Training

One of the most effective things you can do to start improving your quality control practice is to implement more or additional training. In order for your employees to do a good job, they need to know what they are doing. Note that this should not only be focused on employees. Production line managers must also obtain supplementary training in order to aid their staff as much as possible.

Supplier Audit

Although some mistakes are caused by your employees, you must not rule out the probability that those mistakes are being made not in-house but by the materials being produced by your supplier. If you're concerned, auditing your supplier can help ensure that their practices match up with your standards. It is recommended to not plan a meeting. Instead, simply show up to your supplier's location, and ask to see the production line. Surprise visits are the best way to receive an authentic look at your product.

Equipment Maintenance

It is incredibly important for companies to ensure that their equipment is running smoothly. Large equipment often runs 12 hours a day and can go weeks before anyone stops it for a check-up. This is why machines must be taken into consideration as well. This involves asking employees and managers to explain various parts of the maintenance process and review the records indicating that these repairs are being made. You might be surprised at what you find in these records.

Set a Clear Standard

There's a reason why companies such as Ferrari and Google only hire the best. This is because they have a set standard that they must keep up with, and they know that their employees are aware of this as well. Therefore, it is highly advised to present a clear standard to your entire staff. Let them know you only accept minimal errors with these mistakes having consequences. You might be thinking this is a little harsh, but when quality is suffering, then these measures must be implemented quickly before things become worse.

Quality control is a crucial area of any business. When quality suffers, so do sales. Therefore, business leaders must take preventive measures to ensure that these mistakes do not happen.

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01 Apr 2020

By John Gilmore