4 Compelling Reasons Why You Need the Right Dry Cleaning Equipment

It is your job to provide your customers with pristinely pressed, fresh clothing, and while some of the job comes down to your skills and techniques, a lot of it has to do with the type and quality of dry cleaning equipment you use. Making sure you have the correct equipment for your dry cleaning business is crucial for your success. Here’s why:

It Earns You a Solid Reputation


No matter what, if you can’t provide your customer with flawless clothing, you will not be successful. When selecting the equipment for your business, you will want to look for items that are built to last. You want aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure the equipment won’t rust or break, and you need fully welded and balanced impellers to make sure there is no air drag. By implementing high-quality equipment into your facility, you will give your clothes a superior finish and make your customers keep coming back.


It Improves Efficiency and Workflow


If your facility is like most, you have limited floor space for all of your equipment. However, if you are strategic in the items you select, you can easily fit everything you need with room to spare. For example, there are several air vacuums on the market that can by placed below or above the pressing machines you use instead of them requiring their own square footage.

It Increases Profits


You are in business to make money, which usually means you need to spend the money upfront. When you invest in quality dry cleaning equipment, you will get machines that will help the entire process run better. And since it is made better, you will have lower maintenance costs over the years, and you won’t need to replacement the equipment nearly as often. However, there are ways to save and still get the quality equipment you need. For example, you can use a standalone air vacuum that connects to multiple pressing machines to reduce the number of items you need to purchase. You can also look for air vacuums that are energy efficient to decrease your overhead costs.

It Gets You Repeat Business


Above all, your goal is to attract customers and keep them coming back to you. When you invest in the most effective equipment, and ensure it is high quality, you can earn the business of every person that walks through your door. The risk of the wrong equipment just simply isn’t worth your business. You have worked hard for your dream, so don’t take any chances with the equipment you use.


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13 Dec 2017

By Chris Flynn