3 Tips for Improving the Impact of Your Business's Wellness Program

Many companies have now accepted that employee wellness programs are here to stay. Improving employee health and wellness directly relates to increased productivity and lower employee turnover. One of the biggest drains of company resources is losing stressed and unmotivated employees and having to train new ones to take their place. Not only does this waste a business manager’s time and resources, but it also causes a loss of morale in offices with high turnover. Since wellness programs are here to stay, how can businesses improve their impact on employees? Here are some tips that you could try.

Incentivize Participation

According to Corehealth, depending on your budget, there are various ways to incentivize employee participation in wellness programs. One of the hardest things to do when striving for health is to have the discipline to continue it long term. This is especially true if it is a solo activity. If it is possible, try to arrange more group bonding activities such as walk-a-thons, office-wide step tracking contests, group cooking lessons with a local chef or activity-based community service opportunities. Offering incentives such as goodie bags, bundled ingredients from a cooking lesson or gift cards and awards to top competitors can help encourage participation and improve mood.

Support Efforts to Improve Health

Some employees wish to continue wellness activities on their own after work. Businesses can support these personal efforts to improve health by offering discounts for local gyms, yoga lessons, pilates programs, and dance studios. Offering gift cards for local health-conscious grocery stores is another great option. Continuous efforts to engage in the values of the wellness program should be rewarded. A business should routinely seek feedback about the effectiveness of its wellness program. According to Carenet Health, regular, personalized contact can encourage engagement and continuous, year-round participation.

Engage Local Eateries

According to Snack Nation, another way to improve the impact of your wellness program is to help your employees engage in the local community. If your employees do not live locally, they may be less inclined to explore healthier eating options in the area. The closest fast-food chains might end up being their go-to options. You can step in and help your employees cut the grease out of their diet by engaging with the smaller restaurants in the area. You can periodically order from local eateries and have them deliver their healthy meal options along with their business cards and menus to pass around for your employees. You can also arrange an employee discount to local food spots.


A healthy, motivated workforce that takes the time to focus on health and wellness typically performs better than stressed, tired workers would. If you have already invested in a wellness program, you'll want to stay updated with periodic feedback on its effectiveness. This can mean revising some elements or adding additional incentives to keep the motivation of your employees high.

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15 Aug 2019

By Caroline Oberlo