With 35 years of extensive experience in non-ferrous metals "Rajdhani Extrusion Pvt ltd" is the largest trading company in northern India. To extend the expertise and to outreach into Northern American Market, Akstar Creations was formed in 2012 as a Wholesale and Distribution Company of Fine Jewelry offering the exquisite handmade Jewelry with precious metals such as Silver, Gold and Gemstones which includes Diamonds, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Emerald,etc. Each piece of Akstar Creations is meticulously handcrafted to give the resellers a beautiful collection of exquisite handmade Gold or Sterling Silver Jewelry or sometimes both used together with diamonds with the combination of high quality, creativity and workmanship at the best value . Akstar Creations also offers Bridge Jewelry so as to bridge the gap between fine jewelry and costume jewelry and is beautifully handmade with 925 sterling silver and cubic zirconia or semi-precious stones such as larimar,topaz,opal,pearls, to name a few. Akstar is equally proficient in handmade beaded jewelry that is trendy and stylish and is made to the highest possible standard. All our Jewelry is made in Asia,India and USA.


4821 Cornflower Street
San Ramon, California 94582
United States

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