Brand awareness is the strongest marketing strategy. Unless consumers are aware of your company, they're simply not going to be ordering from it. There are a variety of strategies that wholesalers and manufacturers can use in order to increase visibility of their company, but one that isn't thought about often is listing themselves on a niche wholesale directory. There are a variety of benefits to this, some of which aren't as obvious as others.

SEO Benefits

One of the tenets of small business SEO right now is to get on as many local listings as possible. With wholesalers and manufacturers, it's a little bit different because you don't cater to the local populace, in fact, you're likely selling to people all around the world! But that doesn't mean that listings won't boost your site rankings. One factor that search engine algorithms look for is whether or not other sites link to your website. By being listed on niche wholesale directories, you're adding in yet another site that links back to yours.

Keyword Power

While everyone's website should be optimized around keywords, it's not possible to be the top listing for every keyword. Someone might choose to look for products your wholesale or manufacturing business provides. Because niche wholesale directories can focus on different keywords that relate to your products, there's a good chance that someone who is looking for a product that you sell will end up redirected to your site, giving you profit.


Before working with any business, companies want to make sure that their partnership is going to be as beneficial as possible. By getting listed on a niche wholesale directory, retailers can see that your wholesale or manufacturing business is legitimate and that they can have positive relationships with you. You'll also get listed alongside other prominent wholesale and manufacturing businesses, which for a newer company can look fantastic.

Taking Advantage of Current Users

Many retail businesses exclusively use niche wholesale directories in order to find the products they want. Because of this, the only way to reach out to them is to get listed. This is especially true in niche business, as finding a wholesaler or manufacturer who can fill your needs can be a bit of a shot in the dark. But if a retail business already knows a listing, they're likely to go back there every time.

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

For a long time, outbound marketing was one of the few strategies businesses had. In order to increase brand awareness, companies had to aggressively advertise. With wholesalers and manufacturers, this meant sending expensive catalogs and other promotional materials to businesses that may or may not even look at it.

By taking advantage of a niche wholesale directory, you can bring the leads to you, rather than the other way around. The capital required for this is much smaller than printing out materials and far more effective than sending spammy emails. In the information age, the consumer is far more educated and advertisement shy, considering the amount of data we receive every day. People are much more likely to buy from a site they discovered themselves, rather than a site that reached out to them.

In the end, there's no reason not to be listed on a niche wholesale directory. It provides a slew of benefits that all create more leads, which in turn are potential conversions. In this era, internet marketing is the only way to get ahead, and niche wholesale directories are part of the package.